Daredevil #51-55/431-435 (2003-2004): Echo

David Mack takes over creative duties for this arc, which is a sequel to “Parts of a Hole.” In that story, the deaf Maya Lopez, who was raised by Kingpin to believe Daredevil murdered her father, learned the truth and shot Kingpin. Wilson Fisk was believed dead, but of course he wasn’t really.

She meets with both Kingpin and Daredevil, and we the readers learn details about her past. She sees that Matt Murdock is no longer single–and had been fixated on Daredevil being her partner (it’s a “daddy issues” thing), and this breaks her down even further. With both of the main men who shaped her out of her life, Maya is alone. She goes to a reservation and takes a vision quest with leaders of the tribe of her birth father, to heal and unify her fractured identity–and meets Wolverine, who helps her find her purpose again.

The story is solid, but you’re really going to read this for the art–a mix of painting and collage…It’s beautiful. There’s a reason this is a fan-favorite story.

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