INCREDIBLE HULK #451 and ANNUAL 1997 (1997)

Hulk revisits the site of the first gamma bomb test–the one that made him–where he finds Maestro’s skull, who was killed in that same test during Future: Imperfect. He’s there because he’s been hanging out with Janis Jones, and other refugees from that possible future have been showing up around him. This is build-up for a bigger story.

Hulk decides that the Florida key island now belongs to him.

The military intervenes ineffectively, but what does cause some problems for Hulk is…Hulk. Apparently, there are now a bunch of alternate reality Hulks and the Onslaught Event made 616 Hulk a kind of magnet for them (which explains how Bannerless Hulk is in the Heroes Reborn reality while the 616 still kept a Hulk for itself). This Hulk is also from the Future: Imperfect world.

They fight, it’s fun, and alternate Hulk is sucked into a void before he can deliver an important message.

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