GODZILLA #23-24 (1979): Series ends

The series is ending. It had a much-better-than-expected run, and it’s ending on time. There’s not much left to say here.


Plus, we get a classic, “He’s Standing Right Behind You!” joke featuring Robbie Robertson and J. Jonah Jameson.

Zilla is in NYC.

The Avengers go against him, and in the panel introducing the team, we even get an editor’s box coordinating this story in continuity.

Thor hits the monster in the nose.

Hercules lifts him.

Godzilla is truly a full member of the 616 Universe.

The FF join in, as well as Dum Dum’s SHIELD team (which has been failing to contain the threat for all 24 issues).

And of course all the mayhem doesn’t stop Godzilla–it takes a Japanese teen who loves and understands him (and who has been following Godzilla from the beginning of this series).

Yes, this is dumb–Godzilla has had plenty of chances to be left alone if that’s truly what he wanted–but it’s also predictable. Marvel wasn’t going to kill a movie star.

And here’s the final page…

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