NIGHT THRASHER #15-18 (1994-1995): MONEY DON’T BUY

Kurt Busiek takes over as writer, with Steve Mattson, and Art Nichols does the art. Busiek only writes this one arc, then Mattson takes sole writing duties.

Thrasher and Rage try to stop Hulk from entering a building that is the scene of a crime.

Yeah. They really have no way of stopping Hulk.

Rage and Thrasher also find themselves at odds with Nick Fury, War Machine and The New Warriors in this arc.

The story itself is basically a sequence of events where a construction company is destroying buildings and shaking down tenants, but they’re doing it legally. And the trail leads to Sinergy Corporation.

Hobie “Prowler” Brown gets involved with the anti-corporate part of the story, and Nick Fury tracks him and then recruits him.

Then, the trail continues to a Supremacist group, allowing some team-up time with Black Panther. Panther serves a mentoring role–showing Thrasher that being wealthy and being a superhero carry a weighty “role model” responsibility.

It’s not a bad arc per se, it’s just sloppy and all-over-the-place.

Also in this book, Silhouette leaves Thrasher–with a “dear Dwayne” letter telling him they can never be together. That kind of happened last issue, but here it’s clearly final.

See, it’s paralleling all the things Dwayne’s fortune can buy and the one thing it can’t.

Night Thrasher is basically Tony Stark with less powerful armor and more street-oriented stories. Or maybe he’s more like Batman with more powerful army and less street oriented stories?

It’s hard to tell. The book lacks a sense of central focus.

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