SILVER SURFER #48 (1991)

Having escaped the Soul Gem, Drax and Surfer go to Earth to warn everyone that Thanos is still alive. Along the way, he talks with Nova And Galactus. Surfer has a bone to pick with G, who altered Norrin Radd’s soul when he made him his herald so that Radd could pick out planets for Galactus to eat without experiencing soul-crippling remorse. (Note: This is rebuffed as untrue next issue.)

At the end of this issue Galactus “awakens” the original morality/soul of Radd.

Toward the end, Thanos reveals himself to Galactus and warns him not to mess with his plan to destroy life.

I don’t think this “soul” aspect of Silver Surfer’s story ever gets mentioned again, but it’s a cool way to show him finally coming to terms with his angst. To now, it’s mostly been about how much he lost when he gave up Shalla Bal–now he will need to come to terms with how many planets, full of life, he helped destroy.

In the background, Adam Warlock–still living in the world of the Soul Gem–forms a posse to kill Thanos.

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