Incredible Hulk #368 (1990)


The great Sam Keith does a guest artist chore. Sam Kieth is best known for horror-style work, so he’s the perfect guest artist for a Hulk versus Hyde story.

Bruce Banner is trying to find Betty Ross, and he’s riding trains like a hobo, where he meets Mr. Hyde.

Hyde stays in shadow for most of the issue, and as a reader I thought Banner was hallucinating and talking to his “Hulk self.”  About halfway through, we see it is Hyde—and what had been a (brilliantly written) conversation about the meaning of being a monster becomes a physical altercation which ends with Hulk stealing Hyde’s big green cloak.

This issue also devotes a few panels to a mysterious man called “Prometheus.”

He, and his crew of Godlike beings called Pantheon, will be the next major arc in Peter David’s phenomenal, novelistic Hulk run. Peter David’s writing is so far beyond that of anyone else at Marvel at this point—he’s writing with Y2K sensibilities at a time when Marvel’s creativity quotient was…Low.  Amazing work, supplemented with fantastic art.

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