NIGHTHAWK #1-3 (1998)

This comic is actually…Good!  It starts with a very creepy sequence of a guy giving kids candy in a playground, and telling them  to eat it all themselves and not share, and then moves to Kyle Richmond at the gates of heaven.  He thinks of himself as a good person—calling himself a “Defender” even—but St. Peter tells him otherwise…

Yeah, Kyle, you’re kind of a dick.

It’s also a good retrospective for the character.  As shown on the cover, there have been several iterations of Nighthawk, so the overview is helpful.  Plus he gets a new power: He can see people commit crimes before they happen.

Only it makes him delusional because that wasn’t St. Peter, and all he’s seeing is nonsense designed to kill people so that their souls are up for grabs.

And that’s because the “angel” he was talking to was Mephisto, who tricks Nighthawk into killing Daredevil.  From there, Kyle drags Daredevil’s body to Hell and fights the demon lord to revive the dead hero.

After defeating Mephisto, Kyle returns to Earth—out of his coma—and becomes a college professor. 

Mephisto, in disguise, tries to tempt him again but he can see through the disguise.

So we end with Nighthawk revealed as alive—and now out of a coma and doing well.  Very nice way to reintroduce the character, with a great script by Jim Krueger and solid Peter Case art.

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