DOOM #1-3 (2000)

Doctor Doom gots lots of attention in 2000, as he returned to the 616 after his post-Onslaught disappearance.

In the pages of Chris Claremont’s (borderline unreadable) Fantastic Four, #25-30 Reed Richards gets trapped in Doctor Doom’s armor and Doom, who (as noted above) just got back to the 616, is shunted to a counter earth, naked, fighting lions…

…and making makeshift armor.

It ends with Doom returning to Earth and leaving Lancer in charge of Counter Earth.

Of course this is all inessential reading, but Chuck Dixon does gritty good and the art is very cool. I enjoyed it.

It ties into the confusing 2000 “Heroes Reborn” event, which was a rebirth of the earlier, 1996 Heroes Reborn event.

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