GENERATION X #5-6 (1995)

We just got done with Age of Apocalypse, and we haven’t seen these characters in months, but the story picks up like nothing happened.

The Generation X gang are in New York City, where they see Thing getting mobbed by his adoring public.

Meanwhile, Moira MacTaggert has become the first human infected with the Legacy Virus. Paige is so frightened by the virus that she gets drunk.

Back in New York City, M “freezes,” for no apparent reason.

The kids leave her there(?!) because it’s impossible to move her and they have to go find Emma Frost at Frost Enterprises, where they meet this dude…

It turns out that when Colossus’ brother flooded the Morlocks’ tunnels he didn’t actually kill all the little baby Morlocks. Instead, some got shunted into an alternate dimension where they aged rapidly. Now, one of them is back and out for revenge. The guy above’s name is Hemingway, and he will kill a hundred humans for every mutant killed that day.

Kind of a cool idea. Apparently, some of this already happened in some issues of Uncanny X-Men that I haven’t read yet. X-continuity is annoying as FUCK. Even right out of AoA, where maybe we could have had a little bit of a reset to help people catch up, it’s already tangled.

Generation X attack.

Turns out, Hemingway and Marrow have kidnapped Emma.

Leech is also their captive, and is being forced to damper Emma’s powers so she cannot escape.

But of course Emma does escape. She is able to kick Leech, shaking his hold on her.

And she fries the brains of her captors.

She hooks up with the rest of the Gen X team, brings Leech along, and they leave the underground area.

Lurking behind the scenes is Dark Beast–from the Age of Apocalypse timeline. It appears he engineered Marrow and Hemingway.

Emma seems to sense him, without knowing who he is. And how could she–she was frozen in her timeline during AoA.

Monet shows up as well–offering no explanation for why she went catatonic, or how she got out of it.

When they get home, she tries to tell Charles what happened.

And Jubilee is reunited with Wolverine, after they have been separated for a long time.

Kind of a nice scene.

At the very end of issue #6, the girls’ dorm blows up.

This is Chris Bachalo’s last issue for a bit.

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