Thunderbolts #33 (1999): Busiek final issue

Way back in X-Men #28, we met Banshee for the first time. He was working with a dude named The Ogre.

Turns out, after Ogre lost out in his attempt to take down the X-Men all those years ago, he just stayed behind in the abandoned Factor Three (that was his evil group) base and that just happens to be where the Thunderbolts have taken up shop. And they’ve been finding all kinds of cool stuff and tech there.

Ogre’s a nice dude now, it turns out, so he’s been leaving those gifts for the team.

In this issue, he reveals himself (not in a dirty way) and joins the team as their logistics guy.

But no sooner does he join than Fixer–the lone member of the original T-Bolts team who is not a reformed “Hawkeye version” member–steals his genes and takes his shape.

We also get a bunch of insight into Jolt’s origin…

Her friends and family were wiped out during a superhero fight, and the cause of it all was…


And with that, Busiek’s wonderful run on this title is over.

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