DAREDEVIL #345-350 (1995-1996): Inferno

Daredevil finally puts on his good costume. He also fights what I believe is the first trans supervillain: Sir. He was a woman who got surgically altered to be male and very muscular.

They don’t really handle the character very woke-ly (but to be fair, trans-awareness issues were barely visible to most of America in 1996).

There are multiple guys in DD costumes running around in these stories: Yellow, armor, and the red tights. Yellow appears to represent the Daredevil hero; armor is the violent side; and then there’s Matt in his red underwear.

Until Sir steals the costume and starts doing badness while wearing it.

Of course Matt gets his duds back. He also remembers that he caused the death of a prostitute in his earliest days as Daredevil, which makes him feel sad and so he tries to kill himself–until Stick intervenes.

Once again, Stick teaches Matt how to live with himself–by having him confront his own selves.

In the cemetery where his daddy is buried.

Also, Matt confesses his role in the prostitute killing to Sister Maggie–because Catholic redemption is by this time part of Daredevil’s regular arc: “Be happy/Fall/Hit Bottom/Return (via a nun).”

This is kind of classic JM DeMatteis: Identity, psychology, heroism and savagery…Nothing bad here, but nothing really unexpected, either, except for the trans-villain. DeMatteis’ run ends with #350.

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