AVENGERS #152 (1976): 1st Black Talon

This issue is the first appearance of Black Talon, a New Orleans-based, future enemy of Brother Voodoo.  His raising of zombies is meant to suggest that he has brought Wonder Man back from the dead. This issue picks up where the last one left off.

Wanda learns the truth, and reports back to the team.


Maybe there was “instant silence” in the panel above because nobody knew what a “zubembie” was.

From Wikipedia:

The Avengers do science on Simon and we see that Hank Pym is a genius but can’t spell in his own word balloons.


Beast notes that Wonder Man is breathing….

But he definately doesn’t need to breathe in later stories. During the studying of Wonder Man, Tony Stark displays his characteristically insensitive behavior:

Hm. Go ahead, Beast, call him a drunk. Two can play the name-calling game.

At issue’s end we learn that Wonder Man wasn’t dead in the first place.

Wanda is upset at her inability to identify a non-zuvembie, so she quits the team.

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  1. Speaking of “errors”, how about that above panel of the Scarlet Witch standing behind Iron Man where she seems to have gone all-curious black! That’s okay-she makes quite a charming negress! Even her beautiful lips have been “afro’ed” out! Colorist Petra Goldberg must have developed “jungle-fever” with all the black extras running around in their loin-cloths! Wanda sorta favors the late, luscious Nichelle Nichols from that angle. Uhura with a tiara! Works for me! “Definately”, as YJ would say! Also, on the matter of this “zuvembie” bullshit- even though I am heavily in favor of the Comics Code Authority- we need it to govern and regulate the comic-book industry, because the comic-book industry is proving itself to be more and more incapable of governing and regulating itself- I nevertheless maintain that even a grade-schooler knows that “zuvembie” means zombie!! Sheesh!! WTF, indeed!! Definately, Hank, definately!!!


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