GENERATION X #4 (1994): Holiday Issue

A February cover date means this book hit the stands in December, so…It’s a Christmas issue. That little elf on the cover appears throughout, along with other little elves who read the panels of the comic, sing Carols, etc. Nice little idea.

A mutant schoolkid named Eliot who is shunned for his appearance holds a teacher hostage to force the teacher to give him an education.

Orphan-Maker, angry that Eliot’s parents don’t defend him, go to kill them, and the Gen X team defend the parents.

Orphan Maker has bog armor now. He looks very “nineties” in a comic that seems determined to avoid being yet another testosterone-laden ’90s book.

Nanny calls off the murder at the end.

Penance and Chamber continue to develop their friendship.

Paige is eavesdropping, leading to this neat little exchange with Emma Frost:

This book is just getting going and now it’s cancelled for four months to make way for Age of Apocalypse. Like all the other X-books, it ends with the crystalization of reality. But Jubilee breaks the 4th Wall during it.

I won’t be covering “Generation Next” and all the other AoA books because they’re not canon. As interesting an idea/experiment as it was, it really disrupted this series, which was actually really good and really different from all the others in the X-line.

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