Marvel Comics Presents #82 (1991): Iron Man, Luke Cage

Two short stories in #82, and two serialized stories covered elsewhere. First, Bill Mumy and the great Steve Leialoha show us Iron Man in Hawaii fighting ghosts (literally) who possess his armor. Stark International is building something on an ancient burial ground. It’s bad. This is not what Iron Man should be doing. But I like the art, so I bring it up from a D- to a D+.

Then, Marc McLaurin auditions for his future job writing the Luke Cage solo series.  You may recall, from way back in the last episode of Power Man and Iron Fist, that Cage is on the run for allegedly killing Danny Rand.  His foe is the evil “Corporation,” which will be the main foil in his 1992 comic.

He also acknowledges that a bright yellow shirt and chain belt might be an outdated costume.  And he’ll change it in Cage #1.

Thus, this is actually a pretty significant story—it essentially introduces the upcoming series.  Good use of an 8-page tale. I’d give it a C+.

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