MARVEL COMICS PRESENTS #125-132: Iron Fist (1993): 1st Skeleton Ki

Skeleton Ki, an agent of Baron Strucker’s Hydra steals some tech from Rand Corporation. 

Iron Fist gets it back and argues with Misty Knight along the way. He’s not acting nice to her ever since he returned from the dead.

It turns out, Ki got in because Hydra had moles in Rand Corporation. Or was it AIM? Actually, I think it was both.

There’s some other agents like a guy named Death Warrant who rides a motorcycle, but don’t worry, he’s never seen again.

Then, this story takes a random and weird turn: Due to his discontent about his company being sabotaged, Fist goes on a quest and meets Contemplator, using the device stolen by Ki.

And then, as a result of meeting this Elder of the Universe, Iron Fist…Doesn’t change at all. This story is dumb and doesn’t matter.

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