Marvel Chillers Feat Modred the Mystic #1-2 (1975): 1st Modred and Chthon

Bill Mantlo’s first Marvel comic!  (He’d been a colorist up to now, and Len Wein persuaded him to try writing.)

Sadly, that’s about all that matters with this terrible comic.

It’s exactly what you’d expect from a book about an old wizard: Two kids find an old man in a cave and wake him up.  He’s Merlin’s old enemy, Modred, and he’s got the book of Darkhold.

This is the first appearance of the demon Chthon, as yet unnamed.

He causes all kinds of magic havoc in modern-day England until his series is cancelled after two issues.

Bill Mantlo and Yong Montano (#1), Sonny Trinidad (#2), with Marv Wolfman getting an “inspired by” credit.

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