Marvel Comics Presents #21: Paladin (1989)

It’s moments like this when I wonder what the Hell I’m doing here.  Writing an entire post about an 8-page comedy story about Paladin, a character most people have never heard of, and who will almost definitely never appear on a TV show.

Paladin is a mercenary.  He’s hired to go to Dallas to rescue a rich guy’s kidnapped daughter who, it turns out, was a volunteer not a victim—pretending to be kidnapped to get her daddy’s money and use it to protect the environment from her dad’s polluting business practices.

Already this is a more complicated (morally) tale than 8 pages could possibly handle.  And it ends with aliens.

Ambitious and well-written, I think this is the first time I read anything in Marvel Comics Presents that left me wanting more.

And it’s about Paladin!

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