FORCE WORKS #21-22 (1996): Series ends

This issue is a post-Crossing cleanup story, where the team accepts that their boss, founder and funder Tony Stark is a dick and they need to disband. I’ve made no secret that this is a below-average series (often well-below average), and nothing in this final arc changes my mind.

Perhaps the only lasting effect of this series–and it’s barely lasting–is Suzi Endo coming face-to-face with her future self–Cybermancer.

She’s never seen again after this series.

Main story: Century and Wanda lead the team through an invasion by cyberbeings who look like Ultron and Wonder Man (among others). When that’s all wrapped up, they get an Avengers alert and, although they all agree to break up the team, fly off for one final mission.

And that’s the merciful end.

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