AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #383-385 (1993-1994): Trial By Jury

Spidey.  Own your shit.

amazing spider-man responsibility

Venom started in Spider-Man.  Then Venom got his own miniseries, where he took on a group of high-tech vigilantes called The Jury.

Now, The Jury is coming back for Spidey.

They successfully capture Spidey, drug him, and force him to break into the Vault to get a special Venom gun.  Because they still want to kill Venom.

But he breaks it after he gives it to them. Then beats them up and recommends they go watch a bad movie.

And that’s basically the three-issue story. And he still has time to get with his girl.

See the ashtray and cigarettes? Peter does. And he does something about it…

He may have saved Mary Jane’s life–without fighting anyone!

There’s also a quick Nova appearance that isn’t worth mentioning here, but it’s always fun when other NYC-based heroes pop in for a panel or two.

Meanwhile, Aunt May is becoming increasingly convinced that something’s off with Peter Parker’s parents.

And she’ll be right in the end.

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