AVENGERS #28-30/443-445 (2000): Death Song of Kulan Gath

Silverclaw’s home country has been turned into a magic city by Kulan Gath.

The Avengers go to help.


Gath is a Wizard who crosses between the Conan Universe and the 616…but sorry, no Conan appearance in this arc.

He has surrounded the city with a spell that reverts all inside into ancient past versions of themselves. But Scarlet Witch combines tech and magic to avoid the spell’s effects.

This story is basically just an excuse to have the team in a story with fantasy elements, like dragons and stuff.

In the final act, Kulan Gath captures the team.

He tries to sacrifice the team to Dark Gods so that they will give him godlike powers, but of course they get free and take him down.

At the end of the issue, a mysterious, mischievous Yellow Jacket appears.

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