Gosh I love Peter David. For this annual, he creates a one-and-done character, Charon, who gets powers from a demon after his parents are killed by a mutant coming out of seeing the movie Batman. Genius.

The boy grows up and goes to school with Strong Guy, and is present when Guido’s powers first manifest. Scarred by the death of his parents, Charon has a hatred of all mutants and so he when grows up a bit more he makes a deal with one of Marvel’s devils, Satannish, to kill X-Factor.

He uses his newfound powers to revive the deceased Chalkers gang, and the fighting begins, and X-Factor re-kill the gang.

In the first back-up, Valerie Cooper reviews files on X-Factor (as a way to introduce readers to the relatively new members of the team). In the second, Guido saves a cute puppy from a train crash.

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