UNCANNY X-MEN #360, X-MEN #80 (1998): Children of the Atom

The cover to Uncanny X-Men #360 promises us a new team. And we kind of get one.

The mutant-finding computer Cerebro becomes sentient, disguises itself as Professor X, creates a group of fake “new X-Men” (who are composites of known heroes), and attacks the existing X-Men, crashing their Blackbird.

He is eventually is beaten by the real mccoys.

Cerebro’s motive was that “he” was dying due to a virus put in him by Bastion when Bastion’s troops stormed the X-Mansion. It’s strange. Cerebro easily could have just asked for help. All the fighting feels pointless and the “new” X-Men, while fun, are only revived one more time.

Nothing in here is terrible, but I leave the issue feeling like it could have been really good.

Note that the story is titled, “Children of the Atom,” which was also the name of an X-Men video game released around the same time.

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