My posting pattern so far has been to post individually on each story that appears across multiple issues, but frankly it’s getting too painful. All three of the stories covered by this post happen across the same four issues and they’re all about the same level of quality, which is to say, not much.

Wolverine is right: Stories like this make me regret my decision to read every Marvel comic ever made. Not because these stories are bad, per se, they’re just boring. Wolverine is in another Madripoor story.

The War Machine story is, presumably, designed to generate interest for his new solo series–also created by Kiminski and Jones. He fights Hydra, AIM, and Hate Monger.

And Vengeance, well…Annex and Redeemer are in his story. Does that make you want to read it?

I thought not. But the art is good.

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