ROM #33-35 (1982)

ROM saves a innocent human blind girl named Sybil from becoming a Dire Wraith host.  Yes, she’s blind and named Sybil.  Of course she’s got ESP powers.

ROM gives her her eyesight back using his Neutralizer.  You might be wondering, if it can do that, why isn’t he helping more humans get cured?  Answer: He’s really got a one track mind, if he’s not banishing Wraiths, he’s on to the next opportunity to banish some wraiths.

While transporting Sibyl back home, across the ocean, ROM is attacked by a seamonster.  That means Namor, of course.  Namor wasn’t in a lot of books other than The Defenders in the early 1980s, so you might think everyone had forgotten about Atlantis.  But the Dire Wraiths didn’t.  They’ve infested the undersea kingdom.  Kind of a cool idea, huh?

So, ROM and the Prince team up to clean up that one seahorse town. Strangely, they don’t fight first–they team up right from the start.

Sibyl ends up going into a giant seashell that turns her Atlantean, so she stays behind.

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