Ghost Rider #70 (1982)

This is one of the few Ghost Rider comics that I remembered vividly on the re-read, and mostly because of that dramatic splash page and the fact that the point of view for the tale leans heavily on the giant, pinheaded strongman Jeremy who is part of a traveling freak show led by a sadistic carnival master.

Jeremy, of course, is a gentle artist.  Throughout the story we gradually meet other members of the show, and it isn’t until the final third of the book that Johnny Blaze turns into Ghost Rider and fights a horde of fleshy, mindless mutates to get to the head of the carnival, who he then burns in front of all the freaks.  In the end, the freaks are set free to run the show themselves, and Jeremy goes with them.  He will reappear in issue #79.

Bob Budiansky’s art is really elevating this character, along with Roger Stern’s always above average scripts.

And that cover!

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