NORTHSTAR #1-4 (1994)

Northstar gets a miniseries. Honestly, Alpha Flight had been beyond awful for many years. It got cancelled. Then, instead of giving readers a miniseries about Aurora, who has mental illness and the same powers as Northstar; or Sasquatch, who changed bodies a bunch of times; or Puck, who had a Wolverine-like personality streak that never got developed, they give Northstar a miniseries. The dude nobody cared about until he said he was gay. And that already happened, so what is there left to say here?

Not much.

In fact, the series doesn’t even touch on Northstar’s coming out or his years in the closet. Killspree does call him “Pretty boy” though.

Instead, it’s a generic tale against X-Force bad guys and Arcade.

I love Arcade but this is not his best showing.

PRIME, the Canadian team of mutants that has their own Wendigo, arrest one of Northstar’s friends, and he decides to rescue his buddy.

Along the way, Arcade gets into the action. And he fights a carnival that is NOT the Circus of Crime.

Yes, it’s random, disjointed, and stupid.

The covers are cool though.

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