SPIRITS OF VENGEANCE #9-10 (1993): 1st Vengeance, Carver; Steel Vengeance dies

First of all, Mephisto outright kills Steel Vengeance.  And she really is dead.  He gives her to a new character, Carver, who appears literally to be a guy who cuts up dead people for parts.

Then Mephisto tells Steel Wind to try harder and capture Johnny Blaze.  Then he turns a cop with a hard-on for Ghost Rider into a new enemy called Vengeance. 

He looks an awful lot like Ghost Rider…

I’m pretty sure editorial just told Adam Kubert to make a more badass looking Ghost Rider.

They all meet and fight at Blaze’s carnival home, where Steel Wind gets her arms ripped off.

This is just vicious.

In the end, Centurious–the man who trapped Zarathos–is coming back.

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