SECRET DEFENDERS #18-19 (1994)

Doctor Druid is asked by the government to investigate suspicious insects, who turn out to be Swarm.

He gets Hank “Ant-Man” Pym and Iron “I have nothing to do with bugs” Fist to help him out. This is how Iron Fist fights bees:

When they fail, he brings in Iceman and Angel. But it looks like the decision to do so happened after Marvel hired a cover artist for #19.

Druid has his regular helpers (Cadaver, Shadowman, etc.). The other heroes he recruits via mind-control, and they forget they were involved in the end.

I like how Doctor Strange turned over the role of “defender assembler” to Doctor Druid, but Druid is kinda evil about it. I also like how dumb and silly this comic is, while being published in 1994.

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