DAREDEVIL #12-14 (1966): vs Ka-Zar

Ka-Zar meets DD, and we learn the origin of Ka Zar.  Which doesn’t differ all that much from Tarzan’s.

And he has his own battle-cry. Nice to see Romita’s work, but really–take Daredevil out of the city, and he’s pretty lame.

Last issue, Foggy Nelson became the District Attorney for Manhattan, so Matt Murdock decides that there’s nothing left for him to do in the law and instead he’ll travel the world.  He doesn’t want to practice without Foggy, which makes sense since Foggy always seems to do the hard legal work.

His cruise ship is hijacked by ray-gun wielding pirates .

Turns out, Ka-Zar is the brother of the lead pirate, a.k.a….

They take Matt to “skull island,” which is where he finds Ka-Zar. 

Ka-Zar likes to brag a lot, even when he beats up plants.

After their initial fight, Plunderer puts Ka-Zar in a hole and there’s a rematch between the heroes…

Ka-Zar even talks like Tarzan in these early appearances.

Then they end up in London, where it’s Ka-Zar’s turn to be out of his element.

ka zar daredevil

Once the dust settles, DD returns to New York City. And we’re back to status quo.

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