MOON KNIGHT #26 (1982)

This issue has two half-issue long stories. 

The Moench/Sienkiewicz one was a pretty heavy handed tale of how a kid abused as a child grew up to become violent.

The solve that problem, Moon Knight punches him.

It was pretty good, even though it was obvious, and the title, “Hit It,” was a little tone deaf.

The art as usual was terrific.

The second, by Denny O’Neil and Keith Pollard, focused on Moon Knight’s Jack Lockley personality, as he tracked down “The Cabbie Killer.”  Pollard is a good artist but he’s far from his best work here. I mean, Moon Knight looks like he is wearing a diaper…

Moon Knight continues to be at his best in the hands of the Moench/Sienkiewicz team.

Denny O’Neil was also the editor, and he offered an essay about the new format of this direct-market comic.

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