BISHOP: THE LAST X-MAN #1-14 (1999-2000)

Bishop gets stuck in an alternate timeline while hunting Fitzroy.

Look, this series has a bunch of things I complain about regularly: Alternate timelines (which means it’s low stakes). Undeveloped characters who are portrayed as having cataclysmic impact on the heroes but who really don’t matter and few us remember (Fitzroy). Time travel. Alternate identities (alternate Fitz’s identity is Chronomancer and as for Rogue)…

…Oh, and one more thing I complain about: Bishop.

But I kinda liked it. I didn’t read it very carefully, and it doesn’t matter, but it was a fun read.

In issue #14, The Watcher from the alternate timeline appears and Bishop returns to the 616 timeline as a time portal collapses (and Fitzroy seems to die). This series gets two more issues, which tie into bigger storylines and will be covered in other posts.

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