AVENGERS #5 (1964)

Sadly, the best thing about this issue was that Giant Man uses a helicopter as a weapon. 

giant man helicopter

This issue had a very brief FF crossover, where they bitch about what a pain the ass Hulk is…

Then, the main story, which is mostly a Thor story–“Invasion of the Lava Men.” In it, Thor submerges himself in lava, and apparently his hammer can protect him.

The lava men will return several times in the future.

They’re a pretty meh race of villains.

I suspect this is a one-off power, and one that won’t eventually be canon.  Just like that super-breath he had in Journey Into Mystery #86.

Not one of Lee/Kirby’s best.

But, this was also the first issue with a letter page, and look at that first letter:

Yes! It’s a dumb fandom versus question!  They date all the way to the beginning of Marvel!

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