X-MAN #53-55 (1999)

Nate visits Jean and Scott in Alaska, where they are attacked by a group of “Infinites”–human/tech hybrid soldiers who work for Apocalypse.

The mutants track the Infinites to their source, where they are being replicated, and destroy the spawning machine.

After this, their “vacation” in Alaska continues with some kind of (randomish?) alien invasion. It’s really just a way to extend Nate’s visit with the Cyclops and Phoenix, offering several character moments that conclude with Cyclops giving Nate an old X-Factor costume to wear in action.

Seeing X-Man smiling is a rarity–nice to have an upbeat moment.

Along the way, Nate continues to have dreams and visions where he is transported back into the Age of Apocalypse. Also, Threnody is still stalking him from a distance.

There’s so much build up to the big AoA return…I wish I liked Apocalpyse more.

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