Let’s start by admitting that there is no reason for this comic not being a regular Avengers storyline. And let’s also start by saying that there is nothing about S/M, BDSM, Femdom, or anything else in this miniseries.

The villain is Ravona, a Kang wannabe who…Well, let’s let Marvel tell it:

Did you read all that? No? Don’t worry. You’ll never see her again.

She is being hunted by Kang’s soliders, the Anachronauts. Don’t remember them? Don’t worry. They also don’t matter much.

While flying around the timestream, Ravonna (now called Terminatrix–I guess maybe you should have read that panel above) meets up with Alioth The Supreme Time Being.

It will be seen only one more time after this miniseries. So, seriously. How is Alioth Supreme if we’ve never seen it before and only see it once more before it lost to Marvel history?

Then some friends of Alioth summon some Avengers to defend it against Terminatrix. Meanwhile, Terminatrix summons other Avengers to defend her.

The teams fight. Again, seriously? How do they not ask each other what’s going on??? Then they blow up Terminatrix’s robots.

Eventually, they all are brought before the Council of Kangs.

And also Immortus, who I thought was Kang??? I tagged him that way. Or maybe that’s just the Immortus from the 616 timeline.

I hate time travel.

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