INVADERS #34-37 (1978-1979): 1st Iron Cross

To quote The Beatles, “It’s getting very near the end…” This book ends with issue #31, and I’m getting impatient. It’s hard to slog through. In this issue they fight the Nazi Master Man again, and the panel above is a lot of why this comic sucks. What are we supposed to think Union Jack is doing there? And what’s with the sound effect? Everything about it is wrong. Frank Robbins is not a great superhero artist, and Gerry Conway feels outdated and old as a writer. He’s not aways that way, but he is here.

The team finishes up overseas and goes home to hook up with The Liberty Legion again, and to meet Iron Cross. He will return in a few decades as part of the Thunderbolts comic.

They go on an undersea rescue mission. This pretty much sums up the entire Invaders series:

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