THE DEFENDERS #105 and #111 (1982)


I’m combining these issues because of their interesting take on the devil.  In #105, Son of Satan (above) meets his father, and the Devil reveals his “other face.”  We, the readers, don’t get to see it.  But we do see his reaction, and in the end Satan says that this other visage is evidence that “your father loves you….”


I think what Damon sees is that Satan and God are the same.  

Then, in #111, Satan has a similar discussion with Hellcat.


Patsy Walker has been tested repeatedly by Satan (although her real link to Hell is never entirely clear).  First, the Devil tries to organize the various versions of Satan that have appeared in Marvel comics.  Apparently, he is the creator of all of them.  But, he says, the most dangerous devil lives inside each person–and can only be defeated through personal growth and confidence.

The conversation takes place on a Satanic merry-go-round, which feels symbolically significant.


Once that Devil is beaten, Satan can’t hurt the person (or so it seems)….But in the end, Satan confirms what was only hinted at in issue #105: That he is tied to man’s good as well.  Yes, he is both good and bad, and he is capable of gratitude.

This is an extremely overt religious message, and one you’d never see in the clean Marvel corporate culture of today.  I don’t think people really appreciate the depth of this storyline–lots of folks dismiss JM DeMatteis’ writing as superficial fun, but he had some heft to him at time.


The Devil dumps Hellcat back on Earth when their “game” is done.

Also in #105 is a story featuring Reed Richards helping Beast revive his ailing girlfriend.

Don Perlin’s art on this very good.

Patsy’s facial expressions, the vulnerability of that pose…Very nice.

And the seeds for next issue are planted in #111: Kyle Richmond of Earth 616’s continuity left Earth 616 to join Earth 712 as President of the United States, and he gets a visit from Overmind. (The Nighthawk serving with The Defenders on Earth 616 is, unknownst to them, the one from Squadron Supreme.)


Me too.

Note that in issue #105, Vera gets cured of the skrull poison from Avengers #209. She’s healed by, of all people, Son of Satan.

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