MARVEL SUPER ACTION #1 (1976): 1st Huntress (Bobbi Morse)

Yet another magazine, but this one’s a one-shot.

It starts with Punisher hiring a call girl.

To be fair, he’s not killing her as part of his war on crime. She’s got mob ties.

Lots of flashbacks into Punisher’s history before he starts killing everyone else. Sometimes in very creative ways.

Story #2 debuts Bobbi Morse’s forgotten Huntress identity…

She’s hunting bad SHIELD agents.

Then, there’s another Weirdworld story that’s probably not canon. Why not?

Because, although Weirdworld is eventually visited by folks from Earth 616, what happens to non-616 people in Weirdworld doesn’t meet my standards for “counting” on this blog. It’s why the What If? comics aren’t labeled as canon, either.

Also a Dominic Fortune story by Howard Chaykin.

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