MARC SPECTOR: MOON KNIGHT #39-43 (1992): Impending Doom and Infinity War

A Dr. Doom story titled “Impending Doom.”  Ugh.  There’s nothing impending about Doom in this story.  And comparing, on the cover, Moon Knight’s new body armor to Dr. Doom’s highly weaponized system is just silly.  In addition to body armor, Moon Knight has a “shadowkeep” and a “shadow cabinet” and he’s got a Moon Car.

Anyway, in his Marc Spector mercenary identity, Moon Knight goes to the Latverian embassy to meet with Doom, who wants some magic artifacts that Spector apparently took from a neighboring land.

Marc says no.

Which upsets Victor Von Doom.  And it turns out…

He needed them as part of his annual ritual to try to fee his mother from Hell.

Oh, and Moon Knight is starting to melt from his armor.

This is, no pun intended, a bloody mess.

And if all that wasn’t enough nonsense to resolve, issues #41-44 are all Infinity War tie-in issues that resolve none of this.  Moon Knight gets a doppleganger, like so many other Marvel characters during this event.

These issues are inessential to the main Infinity War series and to the (already inessential) Moon Knight series.

There’s a bit of fun as guest inkers go over Kavanagh’s pencils to imitate various Batman styles. Like Klaus Janson (above).

Identifying and tagging all these characters is exhausting. I hate this comic for what it did to one of my favorite characters and for making me do all this work.

So why was Moon Knight melting?  And what’s he going to do about it?  The answer will come in issue #45.  Four issues after the story was seeded.


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