X-FORCE #87-90 (1999): Armageddon Now

This is probably the best known arc of Moore/Cheung’s solid run on X-Force. It introduces a new set of Hellions, formed by a potential student–Christopher Aaronson–from Emma Frost’s past. The youth was immune to her telepathy and declined her invitation to become a Hellion–but did fall in love with the Hellion named Tarot.

Aaronson returns as King Bedlam, and his gang includes Tarot and Magma and two new characters, Paradigm (whose power is that he can host the Transmode Virus–making him similar to Warlock in some ways) and Switch. Tarot had been murdered by Trevor Fitzroy, but King Bedlam’s powers–and his love for her–brought her back from the dead.

Feral also joins them during the story. The story ties together years of continuity.

The institution that held Domino, from which Proudstar freed Jesse Aaronson, also spawned Aaronson’s brother.

The old nuclear testing site that Proudstar has been investigating for almost a year of comics ends up being a place that houses a powerful mutant threat, who has been captured for decades by the U.S. Government.

King Bedlam now has the ability to unleash and telepathically control that Armageddon Man and wants the United States to pay him a billion dollars(!) or else he’ll let the chaotic, post-nuclear mutant destroy the country.

X-Force save the day, of course, but during the battle, Siryn’s vocal cords are slashed by Feral–leaving her powerless.

The New Hellions escape in the end.

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