Iron Man #73-78/418-423 (2003-2004): Best Defense

Why is it so hard to get a good Iron Man story?  It’s been years since we had one that was memorable.  In this one, Tony Stark is asked to be Secretary of Defense.

There is a reason that there’s no comic called, “Government Bureaucrats.”  Bureaucracy is boring and although many people in these jobs FEEL like punching people, there’s rarely any actual opportunity for super-battles.

In addition to all kinds of “debates” about morality, Tony gets into a kinda shady agreement to have his organization provide weapons the U.S.—while he is seeking Congressional confirmation for his appointment as SECDEF…It’s all fine, but it’s probably nothing anyone was looking for.

There’s this though:

Tony has the crew of a military transport wear extra armor.

By the end, Tony is confirmed and ready to become SECDEF for next story.

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