I hate the title of this issue: “And canst thou slay…The Juggernaut?”

It’s so dumb.

But other than that, it’s a great comic.

Hulk was captured by the military last issue.  His newest foil is Colonel Jack Armbruster, who is at odds with General Ross-who now wants to be helpful to Hulk.  The military likes him now because he’s helped them beat some big bads.  So all the chaos and wreckage of the past is forgiven.  Yeah, it’s a stretch.  Jim Wilson is in this issue, too, hanging out the backseat.

The army tries to send Hulk to another dimension (more seeds for the great Planet Hulk story), and in the process inadvertantly frees Juggernaut from the prison he’s been in since Amazing Adventures #16.  Then he’s caught and taken to Hulkbuster base, where they’re holding Hulk.

They team up to escape their Hulkbuster Base prison (after an explanation of how Juggy is young again after AA#16), and then Hulk goes to look for The Defenders (who he calls: “Dumb magician, fish-man, girl-on-horse, silver one, and purple-man”).

But he happens to find Juggernaut again, only this time Juggy is holding a family hostage so, guess what?

They fight! Like those sound effects above? Then you’ll love these!

That’s probably the best Hulk fight I’ve read so far.

Then, on the last page, we get a few panels of X-Men just so we know they’re still around.

This is why I loved Marvel as a kid-you pay your quarter for Hulk, and you get a whole bunch of other great characters!

One of the better Hulk issues in quite some time.

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  1. Yeah! If only they could have found a much better artist to draw it, maybe it would have rated an “A”! But, at least the Original X-Men show up for a minute, and make a substantial contribution to the proceedings. Wouldn’t it have been nice if the Original X-Men could have been the ONLY X-Men these past fifty years-??


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