Coming out of Thunderbolts #50, where the team disbanded and a new team took its place in the series, we get a one-shot that checks in with the members.

Clint is in jail, and I am a fan of prison tales, so that’s fun. Moonstone, who is romantically involved with him, uses her powers to watch him catch beatings and generally have a tough time behind bars. Mentallo visits him in prison–via psychic contact–and offers to help break him out.

Graviton visits Songbird and tells her to work with him…Or Clint will face consequences. And Songbird kisses Abe Jenkins, who is a black man now and can’t believe Melissa would be willing to kiss dark skin.

That’s gross. And dumb. Genis Vell appears before her later and offers to “help” her.

This is basically the same story told several times: Each of the characters gets visited by someone who offers to “help” them, if they will break the rules.

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