With this issue, Giant Man has to share space with Hulk.

The adventures will also start being pretty serialized, so I may need to split posts on issues between these two characters.

At this point, Giant Man is doing double duty as Ant-Man. Weird to see him riding an ant in his “I’m a big guy” clothes.

Anyway, he’s in Berlin. And apparently there, like in the U.S., it’s hard to spot a guy in head-to-toe spandex if he’s wearing a trenchcoat.

He’s beginning a bunch of international adventures.

In this one, he meets a group of Soviet-educated super apes and punches them.

They are not the super apes that partner with Red Ghost. Far as I can tell, there’s no relationship between them at all. Even though they’re all Russian.

On the Hulk side, Bruce Banner builds a robot to control Hulk and then Hulk breaks it.  There’s also a pretty obvious description of his two personalities.

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