DEADPOOL #6-8 and DAREDEVIL/DEADPOOL ANNUAL ‘97 (1997): Typhoid Mary Rape Story

Short version: Typhoid Mary falls in love (kinda) with Deadpool, and decides to make him a better killer.  Meanwhile Deadpool is struggling with his own dark side, and trying to get Mary to be a hero.  Very interesting storyline, and Daredevil—the guy who dresses like Satan, beats up criminals, then dresses in a tie and defends them in court, is the perfect balancing character to this.  It’s a complex adventure in comparative moralism, something you don’t see often in comics.

Longer version…

A woman hires Deadpool to kill her. She’s in a mental hospital, with Vamp, who keeps possessing her and it’s driving her crazy.

The story is nuts–in a good way, like so many of the Kelly/McGuiness issues of this story–but by the end of issue #6, we get the big reveal: Mary Walker is Typhoid Mary.

So, one of Typhoid Mary’s new personalities had a “suicide wish,” and hired Vamp to break her out, while another one hired Deadpool to kill her.

After beating Vamp, Deadpool tells Mary his mission is complete and he wants his money. But she won’t pay him. She offers sex instead.

So they go on a date to Hellhouse, the bar where all Deadpool’s crazy friends hang out.

This issue is where we really see how much T-Ray hates Deadpool. In part because he used to date Typhoid Mary and he’s jealous.

After a barfight, Typhoid Mary suddenly remembers that she has to kill Daredevil and asks Deadpool to come along and help. They go off to New York, and Typhoid Mary tells Deadpool he has to stop her from hurting Daredevil.

IMG_9485 (1)

Daredevil tries to tell Deadpool that Mary is not a person to team up with.

Deadpool doesn’t listen to either of them because he’s Deadpool.

Eventually, Deadpool finally draws the line and teams up with Daredevil to stop Mary.

After which, Deadpool takes Mary under his wing–to rehabilitate her.

He also takes Daredevil’s dog.

But once they get back to Deadpool’s place, Mary finds out about Siryn, gets jealous, and rapes Deadpool by disguising herself as Siryn and having sex with him.

This makes Deadpool break up with her. By beating her within an inch of her life.

Suicide. Rape. Mental illness. Brutal violence. Dognapping.

Meanwhile, a storyline with Zoe and Noah from the evil law firm arises.  We get panels of them assessing Deadpool’s abilities.  Kind like in Enders Game, the way the government would watch people and pick out the ones they thought would make good warriors.

This book runs at 95mph and never slows down.

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