Son of Satan #1-8 (1975-1976)

Son of Satan’s solo stories in Marvel Spotlight were not terrible.  Some were actually good (when Steve Gerber wrote them), and the rest were about what you’d expect. Standard super-hero vs. occult stuff. Marvel started doing this genre with Doctor Strange and, frankly, it’s rarely better than mediocre.  So was anyone asking for more once the one-note character had half a dozen issues of Spotlight behind him?


And yet we got eight issues of it. Most issues introduced and dispatched occult villains who would never be seen again. But there was some cool art…

The book barely touches the Marvel Universe. Except for having Satan in it–but honestly, it’s annoying how many vague iterations there are of the Devil at Marvel (yet almost no versions of God). Eventually, Marvel figures it all out and starts to give names like Mephisto and Sattanish to some of them. At this stage, though, it’s more than a little confusing.

The first issue introduces Daimon’s daddy issues…

We also get an interesting look at Hell.

Daimon isn’t really heroic. He’s kind of a dick to these poor demons…

And the rest of the series has him working these things out, in various vignettes.

It ends with Damon Hellstrom (or Hellstorm—it’s spelled both ways) taking on his daddy issues and overcoming them, and papa Devil lamenting to his servant…But it was all a dream.

It’s not clear to me if the entire series was a dream, or just the part where the devil beats Daimon.

Creators were John Warner  and Sonny Trinidad (#s1-7), and Bill Mantlo and Russ Heath (#8)

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