SECRET DEFENDERS #20-21 (1994)

I don’t know how I missed this, but apparently Doctor Druid is an unwilling participant in this comic. He’s compelled to form Secret Defender teams and fight threats by a curse placed on him by Doctor Strange.

I like that.

I also like that Druid does the same thing to the people he recruits–forcing them through magical mental suggestion to join up with him. It all rolls downhill, as they say.

Druid even mind-zaps his own girlfriend…

…And turns her into a gold statue. This leads to a subplot

As for the threat itself, the story is beyond dumb. The villains includea giant demon with salivation issues and these green Medusa-looking thingies.

The heroes joining Doctor Druid are Spider-Woman and USAgent.

The little greenies work for a big court jester.

Yeah. See, if Steve Englehart or Steve Gerber had written this in the 1970s, it might have been good. But in the ’90s, it’s not.

Still, this book is redeemed by the Druid/Strange/Heroes Of The Week triangle described above. I give points for the premise as both very creative and completely original. And also for Druid turning Shadowoman into a statue. He’s so gross and evil. I love it.

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