MOON KNIGHT #34 (1983)

The new creative team of Tony Isabella and Bo Hampton come aboard.  Fans are not happy.  But the parting gift is a final Bill S. cover.

This is a one-off story.  It’s fine–someone is trying to infect a ghetto with a drug that makes people go nuts.

Gena–who owns the diner Moon Knight eats at in his Jack Lockley identity–gets injured by a crazed kid.

This is a class warfare story–the drug is used as a form of chemical warfare against the poor and MK stops them–but it’s just not as good without Doug and Bill. I do like the use of the extended cast in this story, and the focus on street crime.

Subsequent Moon Knight writers will emphasize the occult nature of the character, and that never lands well for me.

It was what was so disappointing about the Disney series.

Marvel will try to save the book by bringing in mainstream Marvel Universe characters, but it won’t work.

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