Marc Spector: Moon Knight #19-21 (1990): Broadway Knights

That cover perfectly sums up everything that went wrong in the 1990s.  Headband Punisher.  Spider-Man.  And a mention of Wolverine.

My first pass through this book didn’t go well, but I’m liking it much more during this second read. This trilogy starts with Marc Spector experiencing the consequences of his trial (previous arc)

He needs to “clear his name” after the public accusations (mostly false) he experienced. Also, he needs a ‘copter.

While he was imprisoned, Midnight (his former sidekick) took on his costume. And the Secret Empire went after him–and they thought they had killed Moon (Mid) Knight. So now, Moon Knight goes after them.

Obviously, he can’t just hit a member once and have the problem go away. Taking on Secret Empire is a big deal. So Moon Knight goes to get some help, telling Spider-Man that they killed Midnight.

And Punisher shows up to tell them they’re idiots and can’t do this kind of fight.

Pun is kind of a tool, and Moon Knight lets him know it.

Super-hero bickering.

I for one am soooooooo tired of guys like Spider-Man and Daredevil complaining about Punisher’s lethal methods but then teaming up with him anyway and never making an honest effort to shut him down.

It’s unclear if Moon Knight is kill or not-kill camp.  But he’s a mercenary.  This shouldn’t be a hard decision for him.

The Empire knows they’re being hunted and is appropriately concerned…

And eventually it’s the big fight.

It turns out, Midnight has been taken–not killed.

During the siege, it becomes clear that Moon Knight is NOT in the “pro-killing” camp.

And yet Spector recognizes that they share similarities.

Again, these conflicts are a little tired.

They don’t find Midnight, but he’ll return in the next arc, which will be Chuck Dixon’s final one.

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