Daredevil #129-130 (1976)

Daredevil is “doing great” as a superhero, so it’s time to focus on his court abilities–and we get two issues that focus on the secret identities.  In #129, it’s a courtroom drama in which Matt Murdock is defending Man-Bull against charges brought by Foggy Nelson, District Attorney.  Of course he breaks out of the courtroom and then DD has to spring into action.

The interesting/funny part is that the esoteric Daredevil villain Matador appears, obscured and off-panel, as an ally of Man-Bull. Matador and the bull. It’s kinda perfect. 

Then, in #130, Foggy and Matt reunite after Foggy loses the election for DA.

matt and foggy

And DD does a strip tease.

Issue #130 doesn’t even have a villain. I like the character focus here.

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