INCREDIBLE HULK #310-311 (1985): Mike Mignola’s run begins

Finally. Something starts to really happen. We’ve been watching Hulk-without-Banner trapse around dimensions, exiled from Earth by Dr. Strange, and now we finally start to see a change.

When this whole “trip” started, Bruce Banner “killed himself” as a psyche by voluntarily disappearing and letting Hulk consume their shared body. Now, a group of interdimensional travelers called The Triad are accompanying Hulk in his journey to find happiness, but they’re secretly prompting Banner to return to control. Here, in #310, Banner finally re-emerges. Unfortunately, he does so right when Hulk is about to be sacrificed at an altar. Of course it all works out in the end and Hulk finds himself back at the crossroads again, but Triad’s infiltration into Banner/Hulk’s brain is starting to have consequences, and we’ll see this get much deeper and much more interesting next issue.

Issue #311 is Mike Mignola’s first issue as artist. He’s, of course, great.

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